When it happened

Saturday, June 02, 2012

How we got engaged

From his perspective....

June 2nd was the day before Samantha’s 21st birthday. This was the perfect day to ask Sam to be my wife because I was able to surprise her with activities throughout the day and she had no idea that I would be proposing that night. The day started off with a picnic at Zionsville Park where we enjoyed an early summer day with baseball and food. After about an hour at the park we proceed to buy her birthday present, chairs and a table for her deck at the apartment. After we were done with this, we went to go see The Avengers at the Castleton theater, which proved quite comical as we walked right past the Kay jewelry shop that I had purchased the ring, and of course, Sam made a comment about the rings we had looked at the month before. After the movie was finished, we proceed to go eat at P.F. Changs. Unfortuantely there was about a two hour wait, so we decided to change plans and go to Sam’s second favorite restaurant, Chipotle.

One thing to note about Sam is that she is a world class snoop. Therefore, in order to throw her off my scent of purchasing the ring and visiting with her father and grandfather I had one of her friends act like there was a surprise party on her birthday. Once Erin “ruined” the surprise party to Sam, she thought that was what I had been working on for the past couple of weeks, and she had no idea what was coming. We were nearing the end of the night and I started to get fairly nervous towards this time.

After dinner and dessert we pulled up to Sam’s apartment and I told her to wait in the car and come up after five minutes. She thought I was getting everyone in place for the surprise, but actually I was grabbing the ring from its hiding place and setting up the fake surprise. So five minutes passed and Sam walked into the door. I told her that her present was in her bedroom (where I had closed to door). She walked into the bedroom, expecting to find a big group of people. After a few seconds of wandering around looking for her present, she walked outside of the room and I was on one knee, with the ring in hand. The first words to come out of my mouth were “There is no surprise party” and she immediately stopped walking and started to cry. After about two minutes of crying and laughing she finally made her way over to me when I asked her to marry me, and fortunately she said yes!

From her perspective...

I'm a control freak. There, I said it. I can't stand surprises and I would rather just know every single detail of plans so that I know what is going on. Andrew obviously knows this about me and has very rarely surprised me in our years together. I pressure him to tell me or give me hints. Or, if he stays strong amid my pressure, I annoyingly ask friends for hints. So when it came to our engagement, Andrew, for the first time in our relationship, really fooled me.

He asked me to marry him the day before my 21st birthday, the day that we were celebrating everything. He really used my birthday as an excuse to be sneaky and I was so focused on birthday plans that I sort of put him asking me on the back burner.  Andrew had one my friends send me a fake text a couple of weeks before our engagement that said, "Surprise party at Sam's house for her birthday. Park away from her house and don't tell her!" She and I went back and forth via text and she told me how hard he had been working on this "surprise party" and that I have to keep it a secret or Andrew will be crushed. So, the morning of June 2nd came, and I was ready for my first surprise party! Andrew picked me up that day around noon, and I even got up a little bit earlier than usual that day so that I could clean my house for this "surprise party." The day together was great. We started out with a picnic, we bought furniture for my deck, we saw a movie, and then attempted to go to my favorite restaurant, but the wait time was ridiculous so we opted for Chipotle- another favorite of mine. After dinner, we went to grab ice cream. Andrew loves ice cream,  loves it. So, the time was nearing to what was, in my head, supposed to be my surprise party. So, I eat as quickly as I can and then say, "Well, ready to go?" Immediately, Andrew pushes his ice cream aside and says his stomach kind of hurts. Of course, I find this odd because Andrew just doesn't not finish ice cream. (Later he told me it was the combination of sugar and the amount of excitement once he realized he was about to propose!) We get to my apartment and Andrew tells me to wait in the car for 5 minutes. Of course I think that this is so that he can go round up everyone for the party. While I wait, I am searching and scanning the parking lot for familiar cars. I walk (well, run) up my stairs and open my door to find Andrew standing alone in my kitchen. But out of the corner of my eye, I do see that my bedroom door is closed. He tells me my present is in there. I fling the door open fully expecting a group of my dear friends only to find an empty bedroom. I practically strip my bed completely of covers and pillows as I look for my present, all while I'm yelling to Andrew, "Where is it? I can't find it. Andrew, I don't see anything." Finally, I give up and walk out to my living room where I find him on one knee. Through the tears, laughter, and hugs, I finally mutter out a "yes!" Later that evening, he did have a surprise party of sorts- my sister and some of our friends ran in after we made phone calls to our family with cupcakes and wine in hand:)

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